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Thinking Green

Several housing communities opt for recycling as a way to preserve natural resources and creating a better habitat for future generations. Housing communities are also searching for different ways to cut down on waste and improve the environment where people live.

Living Green in NevadaMany housing communities recycle common items such as paper and plastic, as well as building supplies and materials to cut down on waste disposals. According to DuPont Flooring Systems, more than 418 billion pounds of waste per year go into landfills and he United States currently has about 3,000 landfills. One of the key things to dispose is the used carpet.

This has become more of an issue to housing communities replacing carpet when a landfill will no longer accept used carpet or will charge an exorbitant amount to dispose of it. Thus rather to landfill this, recycle of the carpet by the manufacturer would be in the interest of housing communities and would also save land filing costs.

Apart from recycling; indoor air quality, asbestos containing materials are also important for keeping the communities green. CRI indoor air quality testing program can be used to determine air quality in local housing communities. This minimizes the airborne dust and other particulates.

Several maintenance procedures can be used to minimize dust in the air. High-traffic areas, including hallways and entrances may require dust mopping several times a day to keep the area clean. Good quality of surface coatings can also improve the quality of these surfaces thereby making them look nice and beautiful.

Jeni Temen is a certified ecoBroker and is able to assist with making your home more energy efficient before you sell.  Green homes have become a great selling point to prosective buyers due to their energy efficiency, saving buyers on monthly expenses.

Posted: Thursday, December 11, 2008 12:09 PM by Jeni Temen


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